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 updated 10/29/2008 02:22:24 PM

Starter Shell

Is an organization that travels the country to assist in saving and placing  
Retired Greyhounds ...the Puppies,...... not the Bus ..

Arrived to our plant 7-9-07    


We finished our first phase and we wish our friends well
and look forward to having them back in November for more interior work....

 Packing up getting ready to roll to Indianapolis for the fund raiser  

Front living area                                 Galley                                    The VIP area for the greyhounds

Bathroom ...........

                                                                                                        Main and Inverter Breakers








More and more plumbing lines ...sensors for holding tank levels etc..


Floor prepped for generator


More and more Plumbing & wiring .....

Galley Drain line installed

More wiring circuits added


Wiring for switches on both sides of pocket door

Ceiling lighting with receptacles, air conditioners wiring , thermostats wiring ..





Galley sink base and refrigerator                                  

Sink Base                                       end of counter light  switch             wiring and plumbing


Front room ceiling lighting      work light over window doesn't count

Boxes for light switches on both sides of pocket door                   .....     More circuits added


Looking forward, pocket door almost closed,..   Looking rearward                    Sink base


                          Fuel tank being tapped for Generator


Plumbing control panel under contrsution                    outside shower control


More work on holding tanks,....getting closer and closer......


..........Shower plumbing              


More work on pocket door


Wiring and lighting boxes on ceiling  of Kennel area looking forward,        Pocket door edge


Lighting boxes looking rearward in Kennel area , plumbing in vanity coming up


Main Distribution Breaker box, Inverter Distribution box, more circuits added

Front room lighting and roof top A/C  with heat strip,... all 3 A/C's mounted now


Hot water heater, Inverter on top , battery box           Fresh water tank on right  side of coach


Left side, water tanks


Bus in dark in cabinet shop area , generator in  box,   and a materials 


Generator  in box,....           more plumbing parts





Two A/C's with Heat strips and wall thermostat installed, one more to go


Holding tanks half way in ...


Galley with refridgeraot , note ven at bottom so as to be able to use your bus heat


A/C units waiting  for cover


Toilet  location , Green film is ther to protect the floor  Shower pan will

Service area behind shower

Batteries for inverter











Laying up bathroom walls




Walls  sized,.. more material came in today


One of the sink base cabinets



The floor has been cleaned, rubber floor matt for sound  deadening ,Then a layer of 3/4"  multi ply (11 Ply) plywood,
 Gluing  the floor,

Rolling the floor


The plumbing has been sized ..shower and toilet

Next,... walls will start coming in ..



Preparing holding tanks,150,  100,  50 Gal.,....  

Painted floor of middle luggage bay ..


Completed stripping the bus with  bathroom removed too  .


Stripping the interior or I should say disassembly ..we never Rip,... we Undo

Safety Wall behind driver and curb side wall down too ..


Starting  to disassemble the old bus interior

The bus Just came in,

However, The A/C unit is not working now,.. we will have to look into that  ..They said it is probably just low .. That's not uncommon to have to recharge one after it sits for awhile  .My mechanic agrees it probably just needs charging ..

And we see oil sprayed on the back cap, doors and bumper over the engine area .The driver said he had a problem with a  leaking oil line going to the turbo and had it repaired, it's not leaking now ..I wrote to Angel and they indicated they feel the driver was correct and it was only a hose leaking .

 I am talking to our mechanics now and they seem to agree too ,...they feel it was a simple line mess up .
They think it will be  OK now too ..

We are checking all seals and hoses for leaks but everything seems OK ..

You can see a little puddle of oil on cooling  line hose clamp , we think that's from before he fixed the leaking line ..

Below engine seems tight in areas that could have a leak, but all seems OK ..