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04/21/2008 06:24:24 PM

 Limo Bus Prototype

Our latest challenge is to design and build A better priced luxury limousine Custom Coach in a Single and in Double Decker Coaches .

Below will be a prototype for us to design and build our version of a Limo Bus.
Examples of other Limo Buses 

www.krystal.cc,    www.limelitelimo.com,     http://www.craftsmenlimousine.com/

Our most recent shell delivery to a Limo converter

This MCI "E" Model front end will be installed on our Transit bus prototype

Please Note:
This is a working Prototype bus .
It will look rough at the beginning however this Coach will be completely rebuilt to like new standards.

Below, Most Recent Images on Top ....

4-2-08    The images below are some of the bad areas  we need to direct a lot  of  attention to . Wait until you see the finished model ..