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10/29/2008 02:23 PM

Limo Bus 6538

1-23-08 to 3-08-08

Below, Most Recent Images on Top ....


Last skins to go on this morning


Temp after road test is perfect, between 170 and 190 degrees .

We noticed the hot exhaust was closer then we felt it should be to the water return to the engine,
so we wrapped it with muffler heat protector cloth . .

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Vanner Battery equalizer

Battery equalizer, permits 12Volts, i.e. LED lighting, headlights, marker lights, brakes lights, turn signals etc.
and other  accessories to run off both batteries at the same time so as not to hurt one battery with a huge 12 volt drain.


Bad circuit in charging system,..found Voltage regulator bad ...removed and replaced

Checked out heater blower, ..greased and serviced


Inspection panels to access the new upper tail lights

Removed serviced and replaced  windshield wiper motors

Added rear bumper tips


Repaierd damged door

Installed stainless steel rear license plate panel with light 





Ceiling finished

Trim finishing 

Almost all the decorative trim installed, one last piece beside door left . 

All wheels painted several coats of heavy enamel.

Back wall finally painted


After our discussion on 24Volt light bulbs we converted all light bulbs on outside to 12Volt

Not cleaned up yet


New modern MCI "E" model Front end installed

Mirror mounts installed

Low beam light test ,...High Beam light test

Radiator  screen installed

Left turn signal corner installed

Painted tires over the week end . added final coat today

Cleaned lug nuts

Painted upper  windshield and added more insulation

Engine almost ready to install

Engine compartment had some bad wiring but we taking care of it .

Painting chassis .

Painting engine parts to look better

Trim starting to be installed

Note the upper and lower trim

Installing entrance door

Rear turn Signals

Install Wiring front cap and marker lights.

 Rear End

Flooring almost done working on ceiling

Cleaned and painted full bay

Salon Door stripped and prepped to be installed

Older Ribbed luggage bay doors removed, preparing to install flat skin doors

Cleaning luggage  Bay compartments 


Old Brake signal switch


had to remove and replace  alternator with a new  Delco  DN50

Because the new one was a belt driven unit we had to swap heads from the old one .

Now we are replacing the Brake light applicator switches .

Dare I say the word ...Don _ !!!!

The existing alternator was working perfectly with the newly installed regulator at 28 volts ...then 22,18,12volt to nothing ..
We need to replace it with a new one tomorrow
Note, the air cleaner can has to be removed first.
At that time we will paint the newly made mounting straps .

Inspection panel to service new front headlight on right side

Another inspection panel onl eft of stairway

Reinstalled engine air cleaner canister .


Painted lower door lock on engine door


We almost had to take the fuel tank out today but we cleared the line .. we had a clogged fuel line and the engine wasn't getting the proper amount of fuel . But she's purring like a kitten now ...
This is the front Junction electrical box door commonly called the front "J" box .
It's finishing it's new skin too

Temporary seats installed for the drivers .

1 used newly rebuilt  engine air compressor

LED Tail light  adapters coming in



Last door to install

12 Volt lights

Rear Bumper



Right turn signal corner and rear bumper installed

Correcting any poor quality wiring in rear Junction Box

Wiring is actually in very good condition except where it was exposed for over 20 years.
This is where we corrected the wiring .




Cleaning front windshields to paint top of glass

Top of windshield glass covered like all other charter buses >

Needed to build access to lights into Stairway


Wiring almost done , now we can Insulate ceiling so we can finish plywood

More doors and skins added

Battery wiring checked and in good operable condition .

New front end on counter so we can assemble all the components

Head Lights going on...

Headlights now in.... .





New flat skin door with new door hardware almost on

24v-12v adapter to run the LED lights

Tag light mount

Made a custom brakest for the muffler

Adding Antifreeze



After installing new brakes we cleaned and painted inside fender wells .

Left front

Right front

Entrance door & skins


Left front service door

Right fuel Door

Side engine door

Front  window trim


Battery door getting new skins

New Door lock

Lights on dash board are on, this is a good sign ..

Engine is installed, now working on plumbing and wiring ..

....and more wiring ...

Installing wiring for new headlights.

Air filter can




Front End
Brand New part out of mold

Front cleaned and prepped to install new front  breast cover .

Checking dash circuitry,  lighting and adding fuel guage


Left Side

Adding new wiring for new style headlights and turn signals .

Right Side

Left rear

Added new wiring

Installing aluminum band beneath radiator door

Left rear turn signal corner clip

Right Rear

Right rear turn signal corner clip

Assembling  Engine -Transmission, Gear driven Alternator, Power steering, Air Compressor   back together. 

280 amp alternator





Rear cap being sized and trimmed to fit

More work on fenders 

Front Cap being sized and trimmed to fit

Work that has not been  visible is the engine preparation from older
engine to the newer model engine in prep shop .


Right side,

Rear fender, right rear upper skin, front fender

Rear taillights, Testing for size or sizing

Left side,
Rear  fenders 

Front fender

Rear fender



Heated panels and installed  window blank out skins


Aluminum sides started




Installed squared ceiling, floor and more brake work .



Brakes needed to be gone through and greased

Ceiling insulated


Prepping for new engine

Cleaning and replacing bad brakes

Adding more insulation.

Right Rear Brake check        

Left front brake check              Right Front brake check

New double layer double foil  insulation l


Cleaning and prepping to reinstall new engine

Checking brakes out ..

Welding reinforcement to non window openings


 Left and right fenders installed


Prepping to clean and paint doors

Cleaned and painted luggage bay walls



Engine pulled out with transmission

Cleaning up old engine compartment



Rear cap, frame steel ready to install rear cap

Preparing to remove old engine to install new Detroit Engine

Old air filter will be reconditioned and replaced.

Reconditioned salon door about to be installed


New fenders installed


Roof Raised


Parts laid out






Raising roof