9003 APR 08

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05/21/2008 12:01 AM

9003 APR 08
4-9-08 to 4-30-08

Engine Structural Crack Located A/C Blower Motors Driver area III pedal linkage
Transmission Air Brake and Throttle pedal Floor up over bays Bathroom disassembly
Radiator Plumbing Looks very good Driver area I disassembly Disassembling the fender well
Rear End Differential Plumbing II and walls Driver area II pedal linkage 9003 Archive Folders
Defroster Cleaning, painting rear end Rear suspension Rear end differential ready to send out
Engine wiring Right angle drive for the Cooling Fan Fuel Tank1 Fuel tank 5still fighting us
  Engine compartment, Burnt and bad wiring Bathroom3  
  Cleaning and rebuilding brake diaphragms Washed, bead blasted and painted  


Below, Most Recent Images on Top ....


Ceiling stripped and cleaned

After a lot of the equipment and panels have been removed we are now Starting to find more corrosion  but nothing we can't handle

Drivers compartment 5, Bad wiring ,

Main Heating core, Plumbing still in mostly good condition

Rear over engine compartment

Fuel tank 5, still fighting us but we will get it ..

All parts inspected for quality,Washed, bead blasted and painted

Corrosion from toilet leakage

Sewage Macerator pump on top of fuel tank.

Fuel Tank1
Bleed fittings Beneath fuel tank

Ceiling in very good shape ..

some rust on a few braces but not bad ..

Wood rotted in ceiling next to escape hatch, but can be replaced .



Now disassembling the fender wells, some deterioration but nothing we can't handle ..

Bathroom disassembly, again some deterioration but nothing we are not prepared to handle ..  ....




Air Brake and Throttle pedal ..
Throttle pedal was seized so bad we unfortunately had to cut it loose, but this can be repaired ..

Air Brake applicator pedal in good condition

Note the older broken and missing piece at the bottom of the base ..
This can be replaced or repaired . Customers preference

Throttle pedal Nipple that had to be removed but can be reattached

Plumbing II and walls seem to be in good condition

Driver area disassembly 

"Structural Crack located and examined "                                                             Back to Top

External View, see external comments

Internal View
Here you can see the fatigue crack, the opposite wall is damaged to but it's minor compared to this one .
Don't worry this is repairable . While we are in there we can also re-strengthen the wall so as to never have this problem again .


Driver area III pedal linkage


Driver area II pedal linkage


Plumbing Looks very good ..That's' a good thing

Floor up over bays

Removing and cataloging floor parts

Continue to strip down the floor and catalog parts .

Air tanks under floor


Cleaning and painting rear end, prepping to rebuild hubs, bearings , bushings , shoes and brake kits

Cleaning and rebuilding brake diaphragms, also heard back from Transaxle . Transmission is worn badly, but can be rebuilt .

Removing old flooring and prepping and stripping cross struts



Rear end differential ready to send out to be rebuilt ..

Removing floor to rebuild new again ..This seems to be the only major damage we have seen so far ..

Some loss of flaking rust but not too much to clean up and reuse

Rear engine compartment  bulk head .                                Old Floor needing to be replaced



Rear End differential prepped sending differential out .Axles seem to be in good condition.
Rear end before we remove the spider gears ( chunk). note the  ID tag ...This is good! ...

Floor Bolts or deck screws

Slowly we take a part so we can document each piece for later   .
Pieces of ceiling in the engine compartment

Engine wiring department .

Cataloging and  Prepping rear engine area .

Engine compartment, Burnt and bad wiring

Rear suspension


Right angle drive for the Cooling Fan clutch and hardware


Starting back to work ..
Now cataloging all parts
Engine-8V71 - 275-318 HP, Transmission, Rear End and Radiator,   ready to send out to be rebuilt



A/C Blower Motors

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