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04/16/2008 01:53:15 AM

Tourist Dbl Deck
Double Decker Sightseeing Coach..
Converted from a Standard 40' transit bus

                                                                                                                                                                                              Sample images,  not of actual  bus
We take an existing Transit bus designed to take this commercial carriage and modify
it to be a Doubled Deck sight seeing Motor Coach ..

                                                                                                                                  From this,..................... to this,................................. to this ...

                                                                                                Sample images,  not of actual  bus
Under construction,  
 Today's Latest Look

Below, Most Recent Images on Top ....


Cutting opening in the roof for stairway to upstairs ..

Over the driver before cutting..


Starting to weld body back down

Making the top windshield from another bus front end,

Removing the marquee sign


Designing and modifying  another front cap roof trim to top off the windshield ..


We cut the bus down about 14" . To get a feel of where we should be. Then  we put one of the men on top and it sized up perfectly ..

Note Chain hoist supporting roof 
Right side ,                                     Left side





Just pulled in ,..
Prepping to see where we need to cut and chop off ..


Chair on roof to give an idea of where we want to go ..

We will lower the roof approximately 2'

Inside we will bring present ceiling height from 7' down to 5'  on the inside .
We pull the engine / transmission to send out and then we clean all the frame as if new again ...
Then we rebuild the entire drive train  to be almost new again ..