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04/09/2008 07:44:04 PM

 Production Unit : 3336-CC

Most Recent Images on Top ....


Lower ribbed stainless steel entrance door panel mounted ..

Note blue panel to the left . This is the upper panel after cutting for the RV lock, waiting to be installed.

Had to build a plate for the bottom of the wiper motors.

Console trim pieces made and ready to install .

Catalytic Converter Muffler was clogged.  It seems to help a little when cleaned out .
This muffler is designed to be opened and cleaned once every 5 -8 years

Air Breather on top of muffler


Co-pilot seat  mounted to the floor


Very heavy Co-Pilot seat mounting,
Designed, built and installed

Mounting Table with new brace


Rope lighting had a failure


Sanding for second coat of paint to drivers console...

Wood trim to accent the driver console..

More work on co-pilot seat

Top of windshield painted to lower sun blindness like the commercial buses do.

TV reinstalled

Table Bracket designed built and painted

Drivers Console stripped of bad upholstery, cleaned and painted .

Heavy 1/4" plate steel designed and built to mount co-pilot seat through the floor into
the super structure.
Then we installed heavy bolts and welded the heads to the plate on the bottom side


Moved Borrowed swivel chair back to 3336 see below


 They had been working on the TV, Back up camera, new shift console and the Generator controls and
drilling holes to mount passenger seat.

Had to remove the TV to get to the wiring for the Generator and Back up camera,..
Note the TV is sitting  where the Chair was ,..the chair was sitting just outside the door .  .

Same Chair located back next to 3336

The rest of the coach




Don't worry,  there's a lot more .