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Updated 04/08/2008 05:39:09 AM  

MCI 102 #3305
Production Unit : 3305-DM

Older images of this coach may be found in the
3305 Image Archive.

Please Note :
These are technical images and are used for engineering purposes only ...

Due to proprietary reasons. Some processes and techniques are not shown .

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Standard Bumper                                    Shortened Bumper



Brace to support rear tailgate ....

New fiberglass tailgate sprayed,...
Mold release acted up, had to spray this one again .





Images of parts for the B500 Allison Transmission







Replacing links and bushings



DM ,The used Vel Vac mirrors you sent are very scratched , Note,  the gouge on the left one, upper area ...
These also, will not fit a MCI 102 A3 you need a "A" pillar mount not a Base mount style mirror for a MCI 102 model

Note: the "A" pillar mirror mount needed

   This area is beneath the front of the bus and is the opening for the defroster motor mounts, this coach came with no defrosters at all ,  we have the motors you sent but no defroster package with squirrel cage  mounts

Defroster mounting opening, Battery 24v/12v separator installed .. this coach didn't have one  , not wired at this moment,....... 
need more ducting for heaters  ,

                12 volt power supply over oval cut out            Old condenser box, note exhaust for heater and 12volt fuse supply 

12 volt power supply  in condenser box ,    heater in middle evaporator box                electrical boxes in bays

House water pump                                             foam to seal loose road air                pump for heaters


                    fuel tank                                     sending unit for fuel gauge                                 pick up and return for heaters               

               more wiring                                               

                                                                                                                                                   salon heater thermostat

Have installed  wiring and  thermostat system for the Espar Diesel fired heating system , one each in salon, bathroom and bedroom
salon wired but hole in cabinetry not cut at this time ... Systems dry tested, fired up and running but lines not fully installed at this time . .

    Tank and inverter monitors are functioning now .... 

Bathroom thermostat





March 2nd